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We are a place of hope and healing. We were founded to help people struggling with addiction, by providing treatment to improve the quality of life for the entire family.

Anger Management Course

This course varies in length with a minimum of 6 weeks, 1x per week up to 6 months. This course will help you process the ins and outs of managing your anger.

Anger Management 4 Hour Seminar

This is a 4 hour long seminar to gain a basic understanding of anger, its implications, and potential ways to manage it.

Substance Abuse Counseling

We provide individual, group, and family counseling to assist you overcome addiction, establish mental stability, and build general life skills. Contact the office for more details.

Marriage and Family Counseling

Our parenting course is 14 sessions long. It is based from the Strengthening Families Curriculum. The course has been approved by DHS.

DUI Schools (10 & 24 Hours)

One of these courses may be required to reinstate your license. Consult your assessment recommendations.

DUI Assessments

This assessment is required by the Dept of Public Safety in order to reinstate your driver's license. You must complete all recommendations and return to the assessor for your completion certificate.


Cody Shoemaker

Executive Director


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5113 SE 15th, Suite D
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